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, it will raise taxes, it will hurt medicare, it will destroy jobs and run our nation deeper into debt. >> welcome back to "hardball" live from doyle's cafe in boston. what is that republican victory for scott brown in massachusetts mean? joining me now political analyst lawrence o'donnell. if you were back here advises these senators, how auto would you do it? >> my advice was always confidential. i don't see any way you go forward from here with health care. now i'm not saying they can't do it. i've run bills through the senate in reconciliation. i've done them without reconciliation that needed 60-vote thresholds to get over. i know every procedure that's available now. i don't know one that can work. within the reconciliation procedure, what everyone always forgets that every single day, usually several times a day, there are 60 vote thresholds that you have to clear. these are parliamentary procedural thresholds that get thrown inside the reconciliation process and, yes, you only need 51 at the end and you don't need a closure vote to get to that 51, but you have several procedural votes that
of medicare and capped out of pocket expenses. there is a range of things that will become law. when the president signs this bill, not in four years, but immediately. if we don't pass it, it will live as a negative caricature in people's minds. terrible mistake. >> here's my advice. it's worth what i give you. it's free and maybe it's worth that. it seems to me this administration is perceived to be activists when it comes to government. progressive, if you will. it believes in positive government. the only question will be the same in november. the voters know about your administration. do you believe about getting things done for the country? the only question is open to the voters. not whether you are progressive or not, but whether you are successful or not. you might as well go for it. you might as well. great to have you on. >> thank you. >> thank you for coming on "hardball." does scott brown's victory mean health care reform is dead or can the democrats keep it alive? let's talk about it with the go former governor of vermont, howard dean that started this years ago. you are
was the one who gave seniors more prescription protection, i extended the life of medicare and capped out-of-pocket expenses. so there is a range of things that will become law. when the president signs this bill, not in four years, but immediately, we can campaign on. if we don't pass this bill it will live as a negative ka caricature in people's minds. >> here is my advice, it is free and maybe worth that. it seems this administration isser is sieved to be activist when it comes to government, progressive if you will. the only question and that question will be the same in november. the voters know that. do you believe trying to do good things at the federal level. the only question to the voters is not whether you are progressive or effective. if you succeed or not. >> right. >> you might as well go for it. thank you, david axelrod. >> thank you. >> thank you for coming on "hardball." >>> coming up, does scott brown's victory in massachusetts mean health care reform is dead or can the democrat come up with plan "b" to keep it alive. let's talk about it with howard dean, one of the guys
, expanding medicare, closing the doughnut hole is a better strategy for winning over the # 0th vote. win over the country on this debate. we can't do any big thing like this without clear muss cull lar leadership. >> what are you going to do different? you tried to pass the bill in the senate. you couldn't get more than 60 senators. now you've got 59. what can you do different going ahead that you didn't do before? what's the change? i don't get the change here you're proposing? >> here's the difference. we have been obsessing, what is lympia snowe going to do -- >> but you don't know. >> what i'm saying, trying to get to 60, we lost sight of that's not the way americans look at this challenge. i think that the president of the united states at his state of the union address should do for health care what he did today is say, look, we're not pussyfooting around anymore. we need to get them passed. i think that's the way if you were going to go into a conversation with senators, at least you have to raise the temperature for them a little bit. up to now, this has been entirely this insider con
values of the democratic party, which include social security, medicare, medicaid, are exempt, and we understand that's the case, certainly i agree that dennis has a point. certainly our caucus will review an awful lot of this with interest. i think if the president uses a scalpel, if he is not going after this with a hatchet, that that's an approach that can work. and we're happy to roll up our sleeves and work alongside the president. >> mr. kucinich, congressman, the deficit, the current fiscal year which ends at the end of september, is pretty high by any standards. of course, this president said it was well over $1 trillion in deficit. do we run the risk of rolling deficit after deficit and scaring the hell out of the money markets to the point we can't borrow any money for the chinese anymore? the dollar begins to shrink. isn't there a danger even as a liberal, aren't you worried about a shrinking dollar? or not? >> well, we should be concerned about the deaf silt. the question is, how do you deal with the deficit? and what most economists, who want to look at deficit reduction
reforms. we're going to lower the cost of medicare and medicaid, and it won't cost anybody anything. that is great politics. it's just not true. >> was the president right, there's no free lunch in health care? >> well, look, of course, there are all kinds of choices to be made in the development of public policy. but i think i remember that moment, i was a few feet away from the president at the time, i think he was talking to congressman tom price, he alluded to our solutions, our better solutions handbook that we handed out today available at gop.gov if you want to look through it, and i think he thought our proposals were just the summary references on the page of the better solutions book. and tom price of georgia and myself went on to say, no, we have substantive, detailed bills that were filed in the congress, that were summarily excluded from consideration by your party on capitol hill. and the president, from where i'm sitting, acknowledged that. he said he had made the hard choices. we made the hard choices, too. you can look them up in our legislation. you know, all we've
security, get rid of medicare, what are you going to get rid of if you're going to reduce the size of government, stop doing? >> sounds good to me. >> programs in the military you want to get rid of. >> all those things that you said. what i'd like to see is our government, the power turned to the -- returned to the states. the way this country was set up to be. instead of this big monolithic voice out of washington, d.c. that cannot stop spending, cannot stop wasting money. that's what we're advocating is return power to the states. i'd get rid of a lot of those things you mentioned. >> would you get rid of food stamps, just get rid of them? stop giving people, poor people food money through coupons to buy food with? just get rid of that program? >> absolutely not. but i would definitely reform it. that's definitely what we would call for it, instead of encouraging generations of people to live on food stamps, encourage them to get jobs because it's not going to forever be gravy train. >> the federal government's operating in the biggest deficit, and therefore you have to cut huge
will pay for the old. we did it with medicare, the young will pay for the old's health insurance. there's no sense on the part of the american people nor has it been sold to them that one group should pay for somebody else's health care. because that hasn't happened, every time we hear the word subsidy or mandate, we go crazy. that's why this thing hasn't sold. peter, thank you. thank you, chris. >>> up next, former republican congressman j.d. hayworth who's big with those tea party people. has taken the first step, quit his job. he's going to run, apparently -- primary john mccain in arizona. what a battle royale that will be. can mccain defend his right frank against j.d. hayworth with the help of sarah palin? announcer: trying to be good to your heart? so is campbell's healthy request soup. low in fat and cholesterol, heart healthy levels of sodium, and taste you'll love. chef: we're all kind of excited about it. guy: mmm! i can see why. announcer: campbell's healthy request. m'm! m'm! good! for your heart. >>> "time" magazine's man of the year, no good deed goes unpunished. ben bern
medicare, only 19% of people over 55 supported that. at the time. today he pushed it through. today if you tried to tump it would be political suicide. if democrats walk away from health care they're going to get all the down sides of having been for it and none of the down sides of -- >> we're up here at doyle's pub, one of the real political hangouts around this town, around this state. let's look at this number. i think massachusetts is very much in sync with our new nbc poll that just came out tonight. basically no surprise to anybody that watches this show. the president's doing okay in terms of general approval. he's not in the toilet. 48%, 43%. not great, not terrible. let's look at some other stuff here. it's not terrible these numbers. basically approve/disapprove, 48%-43%. then the question of do they like him personally? whoa! 75% in the latest poll today like this guy. you wouldn't know it from some of the talk. 75% like the president but 44% don't approve. then you go down the list. this is such an interesting thing, this one sheet. it shows they like his family, they like him
, if they are a senior they get more help with prescription drugs. medicare will have ten more years of life. there are so many good things that flow from reform. i think we should move forward on that and if people in the other party want to say we are going to take that away from you, let them campaign on that. >> when you look at the long fight over health care and the president fought the good fight over that and the total opposition of the republican party, no support within the republican party even among people who are centrist mainstream conservatives, no help from michael enzi in wyoming or voinovich in ohio who is retiring or collins or olympia snowe. nobody has come aboard, certainly not grassley. is there any real hope on the part of the president he can bring the republicans who are not far right wingers aboard to get a health care plan done next year? is it possible? >> we are going to give them the opportunity again. there has been a political decision it feels like from the leadership in the party in congress to sit on the sidelines in the hopes that if the president somehow
if you're over # 5, or close to it, you've got medicare. you have a government financed health care plan. you live in massachusetts, you have a government-financed health care plan. why would you want a national health care plan on top of that. people tell me more taxes. more burden on our state. we will be a donor state. jeff? >> which is one of the reasons why i think around probably january 7th or 8th when the tax commercials and spending commercials started running against coakley, that resonated with people. they're hearing all about the kickback in nebraska, they were hearing all that stuff. why should we pay for all this, they thought. a confluence of things. >> george will on the sunday show this week, he's really good on offense as a commentator, not so good on defense. but he said, look, they had a corrupt deal in louisiana. to get health care. they had a corrupt deal in nebraska. he said this is corruption. i've heard that up here. >> i'm standing on the street yesterday in north andover waiting for scott brown. so many of them were talking the drug companies got theirs, the h
Search Results 0 to 16 of about 17 (some duplicates have been removed)